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Water gardening remains one of the most exciting aspects of garden design. We at Green Trail Gardens confidently assemble formal and informal elements and ornaments influenced by cultures around the world, both traditional in style and eye-catchingly modern, to create highly original water features

Pond can be constructed from various materials, including plastic liners, preformed fiberglass, reinforced plastic, and cement. We prefer the latter as concrete ponds can be custom-built to fit into any garden landscape and when properly designed will outlast many other materials. A tip to keep in mind is that new concrete ponds require conditioning to neutralize the excessive amounts of lime that can leach into the water before introducing fish into the water.

Ponds must be designed to accommodate the size and number of fish you want to keep. Maintenance of water quality is more difficult in smaller ponds. Over-crowding of fish must be avoided. Optimal water quality is essential to the success of your pond. Filtration is necessary to minimize maintenance and to preserve a healthy pond environment. There are three types of filtration that are used in ponds, mechanical-, biological- and chemical filtration (UV light)

Green Trail Gardens can assist you right from the start with the specialized construction of your pond using the experience and knowledge we have gained over the years.

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