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A lush, vibrant lawn goes a long way to making your property look fantastic while adding value to your home. Instant lawn is a great way to achieve this and with Green Trail Gardens, you are assured of a top quality instant lawn supplier. Our instant lawn is available throughout the year and we are able to deliver, prepare and lay the lawn or you may collect it directly from our farm. Whether you have a few problem areas in your lawn that require a bit of attention or you need a new lawn laid, Green Trail Gardens can assist you and show you that the grass really is greener on our side!

Kikuyu Grass has got a reasonable low maintenance and has wide adaption to wet and dry conditions. Cold tolerance is fairly good. Forms a thick carpet, and apart from home lawns, it is also popular on rugby fields and horse-riding tracks. Kikuyu grows very fast and usually needs to be mowed at least once a week in summer time and less in winter time.  Kikuyu lawn has a soft texture. If cared for correctly it makes an outstanding lawn and has a deep to light green colour. Kikuyu needs to be watered regularly especially in the warmer summer months. Kikuyu is a great choice for a family lawn and if the area is a sunny area.

LM has a very soft blade and is a lighter shade of green than most lawns.

LM has a medium traffic tolerance and should never be mowed too short.

As it is also a creeper it can be combined with a grass such as Kikuyu to fill in the shady areas.

GardenPride LM Berea is also a fast grower and although it slows down in Winter it will still grow in this season.

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