Landscaping & Nursery

Using your garden to its full potential makes a lot of sense, and being able to entertain outdoors in pleasant surroundings adds greatly to a garden's attraction.  Regardless of its size, a garden for entertaining should have as much space as possible for sitting and general circulation with a large proportion of this being paved in brick, stone, flagstones or the like. 

Green Trail Gardens will landscape existing gardens and install features, pots and new designs. When we revamp a garden, we look into the options of using existing plants and features and incorporate them into the new design should you wish to do so. We will also upgrade the existing irrigation system to suit your new design.

Aspects such as landscaping themes which include formal-, informal-, indigenous-, low maintenance etc are also brought into consideration when deciding of the layout and design. Layout design is where Green trail Gardens use an interesting range of materials and include several attractive features that result in a garden that in not only practical but also eye-catching.

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